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LMG 17826 (t1) (=LMG 17826.1 =NZP 2213 =LMG 6125)
LMG 17826 (t1)
LMG 17826.1
NZP 2213
LMG 6125
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This is the type strain for Jarvis et al. 1982 and (Jarvis et al. 1982) Jarvis et al. 1997 emend. Hameed et al. 2015.
16S gene
16S gene
16S gene
16S gene
16S gene
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Exemplar Abstract for LMG 17826 (t1) (=LMG 17826.1 =NZP 2213 =LMG 6125). NamesforLife, LLC. Retrieved December 18, 2017. https://doi.org/10.1601/ex.1293.
ATCC 33669 and USDA 3471 were originally considered type deposits for this strain, but a subsequent study by Martínez-Hidalgo et al. reclassified these deposits as novel species. Any pre-2015 culture equivalencies should be verified. LMG 17826 (t1) is a stable colony isolated from the mixed culture ATCC 33669.
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