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Nsp 10 (=Watson C-76 =ATCC 25971 =ATCC 25961)
Nsp 10
Watson C-76
ATCC 25971
ATCC 25961
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This is the type strain for Winogradsky and Winogradsky 1933 (Approved Lists 1980).
16S gene
16S gene
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Exemplar Abstract for Nsp 10 (=Watson C-76 =ATCC 25971 =ATCC 25961). NamesforLife, LLC. Retrieved January 17, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1601/ex.2006.
In 1971 Watson submitted a request for an opinion that proposed ATCC 25961 as a neotype strain for N. briensis. There was no subsequent official opinion validating the neotype strain and N. briensis is listed on the Approved Lists 1980 as having no culture available. In 1985, Koops and Harms stated that ATCC 25971 is equivalent to Nsp10. However, ATCC 25961 and ATCC 25971 are not available in the ATCC catalog.
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