Exemplar DOI
Strain Identifiers
ATCC 8368 (=IFO 16120 =NBRC 16120 =NBRC 12160 =CECT 3055 =IFO 12160 =NBRC 16083 =DSM 20162 =CIP 100753 =IFO 16083 =JCM 10117 =IMET 11082)
ATCC 8368
IFO 16120
NBRC 16120
NBRC 12160
CECT 3055
IFO 12160
NBRC 16083
DSM 20162
CIP 100753
IFO 16083
JCM 10117
IMET 11082
Taxonomic Placements

Digital Object Identifier
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