Taxon DOI
González et al. 1997
Taxonomic Rank
Nomenclatural Taxonomy [1980-2016]
Incertae sedis taxa are placed using SOSCC (Garrity and Lilburn 2008)
Taxon RecordName Record
Garrity et al. 2007
González et al. 1997 emend. Satomi et al. 2002
Park et al. 2016
Steinsbu et al. 2010
Chang et al. 2007
(Bowditch et al. 1984) Satomi et al. 2002
Kim et al. 2007
Kim et al. 2010
Alfaro-Espinoza and Ullrich 2014
Kim et al. 2014
Kim et al. 2009
Huo et al. 2009
Hwang et al. 2016
Kim et al. 2008
Huo et al. 2009
(Baumann et al. 1983) Satomi et al. 2002
Han et al. 2016
Digital Object Identifier
Type Status
The taxonomic placement of this genus within the root Universal Root.

  Woese et al. 1990
  Woese et al. 1990
  Garrity et al. 2005
  Garrity et al. 2005 emend. Williams and Kelly 2013
  Bowman and McMeekin 2005
  Garrity et al. 2007
  González et al. 1997

The taxonomy from the rank of class and below is based upon currently published taxonomic opinion. For a complete taxonomy, refer to The Taxonomic Outline of Bacteria and Archaea, Release 7.7.
Taxon Statistics
Based on the method of Garrity and Lilburn (2008).
Microbial Earth
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