Taxon DOI
Pirie 1940 emend. Seeliger and Welshimer 1974 (Approved Lists 1980)
Taxonomic Rank
Nomenclatural Taxonomy [1980-2016]
Incertae sedis taxa are placed using SOSCC (Garrity and Lilburn 2008)
Taxon RecordName Record
Ludwig et al. 2010
(Murray et al. 1926) Pirie 1940 (Approved Lists 1980)
den Bakker et al. 2014
Weller et al. 2015
den Bakker et al. 2014
Prévot 1961 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bertsch et al. 2013
den Bakker et al. 2014
den Bakker et al. 2014
Errebo Larsen and Seeliger 1966 (Approved Lists 1980)
(ex Seeliger and Schoofs 1979) Seeliger 1983
Seeliger et al. 1984
Graves et al. 2010
Welshimer and Meredith 1971 (Approved Lists 1980)
Weller et al. 2015
den Bakker et al. 2014
Leclercq et al. 2010
Rocourt and Grimont 1983
Halter et al. 2013
Rocourt and Grimont 1983
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Type Status
The taxonomic placement of this genus within the root Universal Root.

  Woese et al. 1990
  Woese et al. 1990
  corrig. Gibbons and Murray 1978 emend. Garrity and Holt 2001
  Ludwig et al. 2010
  Prévot 1953 (Approved Lists 1980)
  Ludwig et al. 2010
  Pirie 1940 emend. Seeliger and Welshimer 1974 (Approved Lists 1980)

The taxonomy from the rank of class and below is based upon currently published taxonomic opinion. For a complete taxonomy, refer to The Taxonomic Outline of Bacteria and Archaea, Release 7.7.
Taxon Statistics
Based on the method of Garrity and Lilburn (2008).
Microbial Earth
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